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What is GarbageDay?
Is this reminder service free?
I work for the city, how do I find out more about GarbageDay or partner with you?
I’ve moved and want to change my address in GarbageDay. What can I do?
I’d love to receive a reminder that you don’t offer. What can I do?
What do I do now?
Where can I find GarbageDay's old Terms and Conditions?
With the GarbageDay app, will RBC Ventures or RBC now have access to user location info when they use it?
Does RBC Ventures or RBC store user location data?
Does GarbageDay share user data with merchant partners?
Why are you pushing merchant offers to users?
Why are you REALLY moving away from SMS service?
Will I still get my notifications at the time I’ve selected?
Can I provide feedback on the app and let you know what I want to see?
What cities do you service?