TrashTalk – Episode 3: DIY Gift Wrap

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Episode 3: DIY Gift Wrap

Why go to the store to buy expensive gift wrap when you can make it a unique and special part of your gift? In this episode, Tiffany will show you how to use your existing new print paper, unused baking cups, and lots of colours to make beautiful and unique gift wrapping paper. 

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DIY Gift Wrap

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Video Transcript

Trash Talk. Welcome friends. This Trash Talk is inspired by my friends at, which is powered by RBC Ventures. And let me tell you, today’s Trash Talk is all kinds of fabulous. I love giving gifts and even more I love finding things that I have in my recycling bin to adorn a gift, so I don’t have to spend any money on gift wrapping. It’s less about being frugal and more about being powerfully creative. So, let’s dig through what we have. Let’s go through our recycling bin and find out cool, inspired ways to wrap gifts. Let me show you how. Here’s what you’re going to need. You pretty much can use anything under the sun. I love to taking everyday stuff and using a little bit of spray paint, yarn, it could be food coloring, liquid water color, or dye, and truly transforming the surface. So, my first hot tip is always just wrap your parcel first with newsprint, newsprint, boom, done. You’ve got that part sorted.

What to do with the toppers? I love dyeing your everyday coffee filter with a little bit of food coloring or liquid watercolor. You really can not mess them up and they look like a rainbow dream. You also can dip your everyday cupcake papers. You can use yarn to wrap around the newsprint. You can spray paint a little bit of bubble wrap. And just your everyday newsprint, when you pull this out and you flatten it, you could add dye to this and make it look like a dream. The question is, where do we start? Let’s just start to paint. Let’s just pull out what we’ve got and get to work.

You can literally lay out the newsprint that you’re going to dye and you can squirt this stuff on the newsprint, so that the excess dye gets on top of that. And the yellow really kicks up the color. You can leave some white space. You can make the whole thing colorful. If you put these wet filters out in the sun, they will literally dry within an hour. I love pink, as you can tell. So, I always add a lot of pink to everything I’m doing. While we’ve got the dye out, we can layer our newsprint and just go for it. Just squirt your liquid watercolor all over it. And the more layering you do, the better. This whole thing is just going to become its own painted up masterpiece. This is called crafting with purpose.

You can actually take your baking cups and let them rest inside the dye while you’re dyeing your paper, so that the trims of your baking cups get colored, and you can pull those out when you’re done. Here comes the fun part. Just add newsprint to this on the top and the bottom, and then you literally mix the color. Bet you didn’t expect that. Now, pull it apart gently. So, look at this. Isn’t that so cool? Once you’ve wrapped your parcel with newspaper, I love using just a boatload of yarn, can be any string you have, and just give it a nice, heavy winding vibe.

I think the fun part about this wrapping style is that it’s just fun to do. It’s like creating little works of art each time you give. It’s always just different. An easy way to pull those elements together is by getting a wire, a pipe cleaner, or even one of those twist ties, putting a little bit of a bead on the end, so that you can create a stopper, twist it back so that they can’t slip off. Make sure that the open part of your filter or your cup is facing this way.

And you can also note that as you poke holes irregularly, you get other cool density to the shape of the flower. You just grab that wire and you can just loop it through, wind it around a few times. And in this case, you could just add another baking cup to the end, and then just do a little tight twist. And you can write your to and from on the baking cup. I also always keep scrap fabric. So, if you have this jar, you just clean it up, add some old scrap and then fill it full of beautiful chocolates or tea towels. Loosely, just not perfectly cut, that’s sort of my way. I want things to feel really organic. Cherry pick some of your favorite filters, so it’s just a quick little, pull it down, keep it across. Pull it through. Wrap the rest of the stem this way. You have a super cute jar, that’s adorned with paper products. So pretty, right?

Giving gifts is so much fun, especially when you pour your heart into it. These were actually cones that were used for candy floss. I spray painted them and I hot glue gunned everything to the corrugate. I love, love, love the way coffee filters look en masse, dyed up as a collection or a bouquet on the top of a gift. When you add a colored mist of spray paint to bubble wrap, it creates this magical, dusty, dreamy look. It just never ends. I think this concludes this episode of Trash Talk with Tiffany Pratt. I’m very grateful to my friends at I’m going to be really excited to see what you guys wrap up. Okay, friends, get in. It’s Trash Talk with Tiffany. Get in tight. Glass can be recycled endlessly. Clean out your glass jars. Always remember to recycle all glass that you have in your life, every time. Cool.

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