What we (actually!) do
A breakdown of all the household reminder services we have available to date.
Garbage & Recycling
This is what we’re famous for! Reminding you when to take out your garbage, recycling, and any other waste.

Statutory Holidays

Yard Waste

Tree Collection

Battery Collection

Seasonal Reminders
There’s more to caring for your home than taking out the trash. We give you seasonal reminders about things like when to change your air filter, check and seal your driveway, turn off your hoses, and anything else that needs adjusting through the seasons. We even give you step-by-step instructions on how to get these things done.
If you’re one of those unlucky car owners who have to park on the street, you know how painful it is to wake up to a ticket. With everything else you have going on, remembering what day to park where is a hassle. That’s what we’re here for. One less task in your busy life.

Street Parking

This one creeps up on you. Want to avoid waking up to a parking ticket? We’ll remind you when there’s street cleaning happening on your street.

With GarbageDay, you receive local and eco-friendly perks from our chosen partners that want to help you out!

Want a reminder that isn’t here?

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