How to Declutter Your Home for the New Year

The new year is the perfect time for a fresh start. One of the best ways to give yourself that warm, fuzzy, clean feeling is by decluttering your home.

While it doesn’t have to be challenging to do, it can be a little overwhelming figuring out where to start and what to tackle. But with some time and a little bit of dedication, you can create an uncluttered space. 

Hopefully with a fresh start, you can keep it clean and organized all year long!

Donate, up-cycle or recycle?

There are three main sustainable ways to declutter your home: donating, up-cycling or recycling old items. 

Donating unwanted items can bring joy to someone in need while also freeing up space in your home.

Up-cycling is the process of giving an old item a new purpose – for example, turning an old dresser into a storage bench – and it’s both fun and practical.

Recycling is another way to give items a second life; materials like glass, paper and plastic can be recycled to help reduce environmental waste.

All three options are great ways to help declutter as you prepare for the New Year. 

Rooms to declutter

1. Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the easiest places to start the decluttering process. Not only is it a room you spend a lot of time in (active and awake), but there are some pretty clear “rules” as to what you can find in there.

  • Clean out the fridge: Remove all expired food from your refrigerator 
  • Clean out the freezer: Remove all unrecognizable, expired or frost-bitten frozen foods
  • Clean out the pantry: Remove any expired food from the pantry (see our kitchen pantry post)
  • Go through the cupboards: Get rid of any mismatched food containers (hello, Tupperware with no lids!) along with any chipped and unsafe dinner wear

2. Bedroom(s)

Bedrooms are personal, safe spaces, and it helps if they’re kept clean and clutter-free. Not only does this mean cleaning your own bedroom, but also your guest bedroom and the kids’ rooms. Specifically, you want to:

  • Get rid of old clothes, especially if they don’t fit
  • Children’s toys that are broken or no longer played with
  • Make sure you wash ALL the bedding, along with other linens like area rugs or curtains

3. Bathroom

You spend a lot more time in the bathroom than you think. Not only that but guests are also frequent flyers, and they’re known for getting a little messy. So, this January, give it a good wipe down and clean:

  • Give your bathroom a thorough clean
  • Get rid of old makeup and expired personal items
  • Put loose items like bandaids and cotton swabs away in organized containers
  • Safely get rid of expired medication

4. Family room

The family room gets a lot of airtime from everyone, which means it can be a bit more challenging to keep tidy. But it’s that much more important. We recommend:

  • Safely get rid of any old electronics
  • Donate unwanted books
  • Clean out any newspaper or magazine subscriptions — move them online if you can!
  • Digitize your paperwork, where possible

Ready to start decluttering?

Decluttering can take an afternoon or it can take a week — it’s up to you how you want to do it. Tackling it in small bits or one fell swoop both gets the job done. It’s a brand new year, and decluttering the space around you is a great way to start fresh. 

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