The GarbageDay App Has Gotten a Glow Up

GarbageDay App

New App Enhancements

Well, the day has finally come. We listened to our user’s feedback and gave our app some new and improved features—a makeover if you will. What began as a rather simple SMS based service has evolved to become something much richer and more robust with the introduction of our app. And the fun doesn’t stop there. We’re constantly updating our app to include new content and features in order to provide a better, more engaging experience—new features such as:

Our Connect Section

It is here, in the ever-evolving Connect section, where you will find content curated specifically for you. Learn about eco-living, read up on garbage facts and follow TrashTalk, our resident DIY doer Tiffany Pratt. Hello, new DIY hanging planter! We can’t forget to mention that the Connect section also provides recycling tips, app-exclusive offers and discounts.
GarbageDay Explore
GarbageDay WhichBin

Our WhichBin Section

Blue bin? Green bin? Black bin? What bin? Which bin? The Connect section is home to our wonderful WhichBin service. Say good-bye to confusion at the bin, or peeking over at your neighbour’s trash tendencies to see where they’re tossing their banana peels and black plastics. With just a few swipes, you’ll be able to know with accuracy the placement of your consumables once they’ve been, er… consumed! It’s worth mentioning that WhichBin is currently available in select cities. But don’t despair, we’re working on rolling this out across all municipalities.

Our Upcoming Section

With our mobile app, you can plan ahead, knowing you’ll be able to see what bins are being collected each week for many weeks in advance. So, let’s say you want to head out of town for a bit for some much-needed R&R (it’s been one heck of a year); you’ll be able to plan accordingly and prevent a backlog of stinky garbage buildup or soggy yard waste bags.

GarbageDay Upcoming Collection

Our My City Section

Perhaps you’ve heard of the term ‘missed connections’ but have you ever heard of ‘missed collections’? The My City section helps you report missed collections with your local municipality. We have big plans for our My City section and plan on releasing more features on this page as we continue to build and better our app.

Download the GarbageDay app today!​

We’ve grown a lot since our beginnings as a humble SMS based service, but we’re happy where we’ve ended up. We couldn’t have done it without some of you! If you’re not already on the app, what are you waiting for?

Remember to continue updating your app in order to get the latest release that provides access to our newest and ever-evolving features.

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