Considering an Electric Lawn Mower? Here’s What You Should Know

Summer is heating up and the lawns are sprouting up green, which means it’s time to start thinking about lawn mowers. If you inherited your uncle Frank’s old gas guzzler, you might be thinking about switching to an electric lawn mower.

But is it the best move for your lawn? Are they better for the environment? What will your lawn maintenance experience be like?

Homeowners make the switch for a variety of reasons. But before you make that choice, there are probably a few questions you’ll want to answer before you make the transition. Here’s what you need to know about switching to an electric lawn mower:

Benefits of an electric lawn mower vs gas

Electric lawn mowers are looking more and more appealing as gas prices rise, but what other benefits do they have? Generally speaking, electric lawn mowers are:

1. Better for the environment

Electric lawn mowers produce a grand total of zero emissions. As one can imagine, this is great for the planet. On the other hand, their gas-powered counterparts produce to the tune of an estimated 48 kg in a single season.

2. Quieter

You can also expect your brand new electric lawn mower to be considerably quieter than a gas-powered one. Gasoline mower products 95 decibels of sound (equivalent to a motorcycle), whereas electric lawn mowers have more of a washing machine level sound at 75.

3. Easier to maneuver

Sometimes pushing around a gas-powered mower is like trying to drive a shopping car that’s missing a wheel. That is, it’s not the easiest to maneuver. However, electric lawn mowers are considerably lighter and able to handle those sharp yard corners with ease. The Porsche of the lawn world, if you will.

4. Overall cheaper

A battery-powered lawn mower will likely cost you less to run overall. Wisebread estimates that you’ll pay $1.50 USD per half-acre versus $0.10 or $0.50 for an electric mower, depending on whether or not it’s corded. Of course, these prices are estimates and depend on the cost of electricity and gas when you go to fill up or charge.

5. Easier to maintain

Having a gas-powered lawn mower is kind of like having a small car that can’t take you anywhere. They require oil changes, air filters, spark plugs, gas, and even has a carburetor. Sounds expensive, no? You could be stuck with a $10 to $250 annual bill to maintain your lawn mower, depending on what’s wrong. By contrast, your electric lawn mower needs to be cleaned and charged, and it’s good to go.

Downsides of electric lawn mowers

It’s not all pink and rose in the world of electric mowers, there are a couple of drawbacks you might come up against. Generally speaking, electric lawn mowers have:

1. Shorter run times

Electric lawn mowers tend to cover less area on a single charge. That means if you have a larger yard, you might have to recharge mid-mow, go for a larger model, or purchase an extra battery that you can switch out. Of course, corded electric mowers can run for a longer period of time, but you’re restricted to the length of the cord.

2. Less power

Torque is what gives a lawn mower its cutting power, and gas-powered machines tend to have more. An electric mower will probably operate fine and dandy on a regular, flat yard. But if you’re working with more troubling terrain, you might find that you don’t get the cut you want.

Should you go electric or gas?

It comes down to personal choice when deciding between a gas and an electric mower. But with rising gas prices and a push for sustainability, more and more homeowners are going electric.

Overall, if you have a small yard with relatively flat, easy-to-mow terrain, an electric lawn mower will probably give you a better experience. You’ll spend less on maintenance and use, have a more pleasant driving experience with the handling and noise. However, if you’re on a larger plot of land, you might find that a gas-powered mower is still the best choice.

Making sustainable choices

If you’re looking to up your sustainability game, the electric lawn mower is the best way to go.

But it’s not the only positive change you can make with your outdoor home maintenance. Regular yard clean-ups and even introducing a home garden are other green improvements you can make in your outdoor space.

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