GarbageDay is growing up

For years, we have offered you useful tips and waste collection reminders. But as you take on more and more home responsibilities, we thought we should follow suit and help you with those, too.

That’s why GarbageDay has expanded beyond simple waste collection reminders to include other home maintenance reminders, as well. Don’t worry, we’ll still help you stay on top of your garbage schedule, but now we’ll help you remember to change your air filters and seasonal tasks too!

Along with these updates, we have also changed the app’s navigation in keeping with your user feedback. We have added in a new “Learn” section for seasonal tasks, a “Home Finance” section, and an “Upcoming” section to give you a birds eye view of your maintenance schedule. 

Make sure to always keep your app updated to the latest version to get access to all these great features and keep your eye out for even bigger changes to come. We’d love to continue to hear your thoughts, so send us your feedback directly in the app by clicking here.

Don’t have the app? What are you waiting for! It’s free to download and gives you access to so much more including weekly insights on home maintenance, waste management and home finances.

Download the GarbageDay app today!​

There’s more to caring for your home than taking out the trash. We give you seasonal reminders about things like when to change your air filter, check and seal your driveway, turn off your hoses, and anything else that needs adjusting through the seasons. We even give you step-by-step instructions on how to get these things done.

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